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  • Catalogue number: HW3
  • Type:
  • Date: 1960,s
  • Condition: Good

'Columbia'Atomic, luminous dial 1960's bedside clock..


  • Catalogue number: HW 2
  • Type: Homeware
  • Date: 1950-60
  • Condition: Good

Disney character clock, woody woodpecker animation 1950-60. Metal body and arms with full colour, pr..

Embroidered cushion

  • Catalogue number: HW1
  • Type: Homeware
  • Date: 1950
  • Condition: Fair

Blue cotton, traditional floral design, multi-coloured cottons..

Milk Can

  • Catalogue number: hw001
  • Type: Homeware
  • Date: 1900
  • Condition: Fair

1900s blue enamel quart size domestic milk can.  Has wire handle with wooden grip...


  • Catalogue number: p123
  • Type: Photograph
  • Date: 1800
  • Condition: Mint

a picture of a windjammer favell..

Kitchen Table and Chairs

  • Catalogue number: HH543
  • Type: Homeware
  • Date: 1890
  • Condition: Very Good

The kitchen table and six chairs originate from the late 1800's. Unfortunately it is possible to see..

Crab Nets

  • Catalogue number: HH345
  • Type: Tools
  • Date: 2000
  • Condition: Very Good

Two cab nets of the dual ring type. These were found at the end of the jetty when no-one else was ar..

Ancient Pink Car

  • Catalogue number: HH123
  • Type: Mechanical
  • Date: 1860
  • Condition: Poor

This is a very early prototype car. It has three spoke wheels, hand protectors and seating for one...

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